Where thelegends rise

AlAghar Stud started with a passion for the beauty of the Arabian Horse in 2013.
“Arabian Horses are the greatest treasure from our Cultural History. We believe that this part of our heritage as Arabs is our responsibility to preserve it.”

By this we AlAghar grow with this passion to bring back this heritage of the past by breeding Legends of our own and contribute to the growth of Arabian horse passion worldwide amongst our piers new and old.

Our goal is to raise the awareness and educate the public about Arabian Horses to spread the passion of Arabian Horse whether Pure Bred or Straight Egyptian and to understand the Philosophy of breeding at its very core. We aim to continue with a strong breeding methodology thru trials and errors to achieve our signature bloodline and personal high quality Standard. We have created our success in shows with our rising elite collection of Champions and gaining respect, as leading respected breeder stud in Kuwait and around the globe.